5 Reasons Why a website is a great investment for your business

In 2021, the need for a business to have a website is greater than ever before. Millions of people are shopping online and the first thing a potential customer will do to investigate the validity of a business is research that business online, and if you as a business do not have a website and online presence, it's almost as if you are not a business.

Websites, search engines, and social media can seem like an intimidating time waster for a business owner but in this article we will discuss 5 reasons why a website is a great investment for your business.

Reason number one. A website will allow your business to reach beyond its' local market. There was a time where only big businesses with huge advertising dollars could market on a national or even global level. With the birth of the internet and the ability to create websites, that playing field has been leveled.

Reason Two. A well created website can sell your product or service without you. If your website is created correctly it will explain clearly to the customer who you are and what you do and sell your brand to the customer before they ever walk into your building.

Three. Your website will help create lead generation. Again, if a website is set up properly, you will be able to create an online market that you will cultivate strong relationships with and have as repeat customers and a great referral source.

Number four. The return on investment with a website could be beyond 1000%. Thanks to always improving technology, you can have a website created for as little as 500$ and very low maintenance cost. Armed with this website, you can generate millions of dollars for your business over time.

Five. A website is tax deductible. Full disclosure, I am not a tax professional. But I do know as website is advertising your business and advertising is tax deductible. Instead of giving that money to uncle sam, invest it in a digital employee that if taken care of will help your profit margins skyrocket!

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